Tyler Kleeberger is available for booking:


Have a publication, blog, or platform? 

Contact me via the form below to host articles for your site or to request a new writing. 
Requesting content on specific topics you need is absolutely fine!


If you are interested in requesting Tyler to speak for your company, church, festival, business, retreat, party, or really any event,
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Have a non-profit, community organization, or church?
Need assistance with developing culture, re-imagining your brand + identity, or developing healthier organizational systems?

I am available to run workshops, speak, or meet with leadership teams.
Specific areas of request may be:

  • Lateral Thinking + creativity for re-imagining organizational culture & structure
  • Organizational communication
  • Assistance for how to make changes
  • Conflict mediation
  • Vision + mission development
  • Design, branding, + media consultation

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