Somewhere In the Multiverse - [Inspiration From the Philosophical, Scientific, Poetic Theory]

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Part One — The Concept (In a Relatively Simpler Form)

First, there is debate on the concept of “The Multiverse”— it is a hypothesis … and nothing is proven.

Second, it is just as philosophical as it is scientific.

Third, there is still an interesting, even poetic, take on what we could enact from such a concept.

In short, and without making too many real scientists frustrated with my explanation:

The multiverse is the idea that there are an infinite number of regions that are disconnected from our space-time experience that include every possible version of existence. It is the parallel universe theory and there are many different takes on this with lots of science to explain how it is possible and lots of science that critiques it — all of which you can read about somewhere else.

But this theory raises a question.

Because the theory creates a philosophical notion that somewhere, everything happens in the infinite forms of possibility. There is a setting where everything happens exactly like it does in your current lived universe, except you have different color hair. Or somewhere you are actually a European Medieval King except humans fly and birds walk. It can get weird real quick which may make you grateful that somewhere in the multiverse, I don’t actually create this writing.

However, if you stick with the “infinite possibilities” notion, it does form a sense of wonder and visualization.

Because whatever that “thing” is, somewhere in the multiverse, it happens.

The project, the goal, the dream, the vision, the healing, the goodness — the multiverse allows all of those possibilities and hopes, no matter how remote or seemingly impossible, to be viewed as a potential reality. It also makes the very strange and very bad options a potential reality, too.

Part Two — The Applicable Question

Despite the debate, then, here’s a note we can still use the concept of the multiverse for:

Somewhere in the multiverse, that “thing” is going to happen.

That vision or goal or destination will occur. That thing that you are trying to move towards has, in some abstract notion of consciousness according to this theory, a possible manifestation.

It will be real somewhere.

It will be true somewhere.

It will happen in some way, shape, or form on a universe somewhere.

So why not ours?

Somewhere in the multiverse, the best version of ourselves, the best version of humanity, and the best version of our global story is going to happen…so we might as well try to make happen here.