Painting Your Canvas - [Becoming the Best Version of Human]

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We are all human. 

Yet we all kind of aren’t. 

If we were to survey the beings around us and ask, “What are you living for?” there would be, for some, a sense that we wake up, try to survive, numb ourselves as much as possible, and then go to bed until a day comes where we don’t have to do that anymore. There seems to be this aimless wandering, whether we have given up or whether we are in pursuit of some lowly determined self-success or whether we simply want to be more safe + comfortable + consumed with pleasure. In the midst of that, there is an overwhelming reality that the world isn’t getting much better. 

Yet here’s what I put my belief in:

I believe the story is good.

At it’s most fundamental essence, there is a way this whole thing is meant to be. We are hardwired in a particular way - for love and companionship and beauty and connection. We are hardwired for universal flourishing - with ourselves, with each other, with the earth, and with the source of everything that transcends us in mystery. 

However, I also believe the story has gone wrong.

Yet, that what has gone wrong doesn’t result in something we need to figure out or learn; to heal what has gone wrong is just something that needs recovered. We’ve lost our identities, we’ve ignored the good story that is layered inside of us, and it isn’t working. We often stumble in the wrong direction and…to be honest, the more you look around the more you have to admit that it isn’t looking good. 

But in the midst of that, I also believe the story doesn’t end there.

The death and darkness of the our reality doesn’t have the last word. 

Because pulsating through the fabric of our story is a subversive movement of life that is turning the world upside down - more like it is meant to be. There is a revolutionary way of being human emanating in the depths of the soil and the soul. 

And it is inviting you into it. 

And so what do I believe?
I believe that you have the immense propensity to change things.

That the world is a tragedy and yet that you have this innate power and, therefore, responsibility, to change it. To lean into your capability of being a true human being. Because you have been handed a life that can leave marks on the world everywhere you go and when you choose to lean into that way of being - the one that resonates with what is good and beautiful and whole - one that transcends beyond your 'self' for the good of the whole and the healing of the world - you are using the gift that is the very breath of your life to confront what has gone wrong and tell a different story.

I believe we can re-tell our stories and, therefore, re-tell the story of the world

In those moments, that’s what I believe it means to be human. 

And my hope is that we will become that - truly human. 

My hope is to pursue that different story pulsating through the universe.

I have this desire, this bubbling up of energy that is exploding within me of uncovering & exploring, “How do we progress as people to become more like we are created to be?” I want to lean into who we are and why we are here and just keep taking the next step and the next step of transformation in becoming the kinds of people and communities and culture and world that we are fully capable of being.

Or we could say that I believe you are a canvas.

And you come with some marks of what you’ve been handed + what you’ve experienced + what you live in the midst of - but you are still a canvas.
And, on that canvas, we are actively creating our lives. 

The question is, “What are you going to create?”

How would you live if you were the very thing that could heal the world?
Because you are. 

These are adventures in the art of living - of a new way of being human. 
Like a laboratory built on progressing our lives. 
And evolving our souls. 
And transforming our identities. 
And developing the characters in this great, beautiful story that we are also authors of.


It is the journey of “Becoming Human”.