What Do You mean by "More Human"?

Every tradition has developed an ideology for what it means to live most effectively.

To articulate why we are here, how we ought to live, and what a human being should ultimately look like. 

Islam focuses on "ibadah" - submission, surrender, & obedience to Allah.

Judaism has "shalom" - bringing the peace that embodies how the world is meant to be.

Christianity roots itself in "The Kingdom of God" - the restoration of God's world. 

Buddhism's goal is Enlightenment - to become a Buddha, attaining a wisdom of intellectual & ethical perfection through Dhamma and Nirvana.

Other Eastern Traditions focus on transcedence.

Even the Enlightenment aimed to give humans a way towards what we might call "Self-Actualization" today. 

Or maybe the most rich example would be the ancient philosophers who spoke of "Eudaimonia" which may be best defined as "human flourishing".


There seems to be a consistent understanding in the human condition that there is a best version of living.

A goal to human existence of making our lives and the world more like they ought to be. There is an epistemological assumption here that the world is supposed to look like something and that, to thrive, to be healthy, and to live well - we ought to become more like everything is supposed to be at its best & most beneficial for the village of our fellow sojourners and every component of the world as a whole.

Though the means are different in the various traditions, they all articulate that you as a human being have a role in putting the world together.

Or to steal a bit from the above perspectives - to be a human being is to pursue UNIVERSAL FLOURISHING


universal flourishing

This platform exists to discover what that actually looks like for all of us, today. 

As Individuals:
What ought our lives look like in proper relation to our selves? What does it mean to be healthy, not just in our physical health or by measuring how well we avoid the doctors, but in our mental health and our emotional health. From how we spend our time to how we view our identity to how we utilize our unique gifts in the larger world and the self-awareness necessary to continually improve our lives - what is the best version of our "self" and how do we lean on traditions that urge the selfless, transcendence of our ego-identity to pull all of this off?

In our Relationships:
From our interpersonal investment with others to our families, romantic relationships, and even with our neighbors & strangers. How should we communicate with one another? What is the best posture to have towards a fellow human being? What does proper intimacy & vulnerability & connection look like? What do we do with violent or unhealthy relationships? How do we handle conflict resolution or reconciliation? What does it mean to be neighbors and do necessary things for one another's flourishing

What is the best version of a symbiotically related group of people in a place? How should we organize our social systems & the interaction between political structures, schools, businesses, and community organizations of interdependence, sustainability, and mutual growth? What should the relational economy of place look like to bring the most value to the people of that place? Are we connected as a larger tribe of neighbors? How do we interact with injustice or oppression of the unprotected, vulnerable, or potential victims of unhealth & violence in our communities? How do we use the assets of a community to develop the entire place towards health? If a community is to flourish, how does that happen?

In Society:
How do we progress culture to a better version of its current manifestation? From our consumption to our macro-economy and its effects on the world to political, organizational, & cultural leadership voices that shape our assumed way of life to acknowledgement of our interconnection as a global village - what does a health society look like? Are we culturally aware of our inequities, our values that shape our identities, & our strengths? Can all of these things sustain indefinitely? Are we helping all components of thrive interdependently, especially were marginalization is present? We have much to learn from our past - both positively & negatively - to become our future.

And as a common Ecosystem:
The biosphere that we are dependent on & that is impacted by us. Can our places sustain indefinitely? What economic practices are best? What level of consumption is best? How do we interact with plants, land, soil, animals, & air as fellow sojourners that we need? Is our way of life, technology, transportation, & relational activity good for the entire place's future? If universal flourishing is the goal, then that ought to consider all parts of said universe. 

this is the implication of "Becoming more human".

To become that - to learn how we might "Universally Flourish". 

the process of this platform:


Evolve the soul. 
Develop identity.
Transform character

Because you are a canvas.

And you are actively creating your life.

To be human is to progress.
Every single day.
And take the next right step so that this world looks a little more like it should. 

And we need some help.

So view these as tools
in the process of crafting your identity. 

This exists to help compel all of us to take the next right step in how we progress as people. It's a medium to help us see + learn + move. To lean into who we are & why we are here. That's why this exists:

Identity Design.

So that we become the people, communities, culture, & world we are meant to be. 

So that we become more human.

For more on why this exists:
Check out the Foundational Writing called:
"Painting Your Canvas - [Becoming the Best Version of Human]"

For those of you a little more adventurous, check out the
"Start Here" Page to get all the context you need.  

May you read.

May you learn.

And may you become more human.